The Call in Nashville Tennessee on 07/07/07 Fasting and Prayer
Sons to Glory book by Paul Jablonowski
Part 3 - Being Mature Sons - Intercession


Chapter 20

The Shot Heard Around the World on 07/07/07


THE CALL was a gathering that took place in the Nashville Tennessee Titan's Stadium (LP Field) on July 7th 2007 (07-07-07) as shown pictured here. It was a powerful time of worship to the Lord Jesus Christ as well as fasting and prayer for our nation of America. Over 70,000 people filled this football stadium between 10:00 am until 10:00 pm on this unique 7/7/7 date. Mostly young adults filled the area on the field since this event seemed geared towards the young-adult generation around ages 16-25. From the stage, both older and younger adults offered testimonies and prayers of repentance for the sins of their generations. The main topics of repentance included abortion, sex outside of marriage, and homosexuality.

The greatest part about this event was the intensity of the people worshiping through music, which kept the place very energized. It was tremendous to have tens of thousands of people with uplifted hands in worship and jumping and dancing for king Jesus! Several different groups of musicians with many different music styles were sharing the platform to lead this dynamic worship all day long. There were also 3 different couples who were actually married right there in the stadium! This unique date of July 7, 2007 saw the most marriages of any day in history. Marriage is about true covenant, and people were encouraged to renew their covenant vows with the Lord Jesus during this time. Also, the number seven actually means "covenant" in Hebrew.

My oldest son, Joshua David, and I attended this event together by traveling from Harvest Alabama. Joshua and I signed up before the event to be 2 of the 300 men that reenacted Gideon's army to blow shofars (trumpets) together. We are pictured here with our shofars, which are ram's horns that act like trumpets. The two young men, pictured with us, are from Colorado. They stopped us as we were going onto the field because they had never seen a shofar before and wanted a picture of it. Abraham, in the bible, was the first to use a shofar as a trumpet of victory and thanksgiving towards God! It is a symbol of Jesus the sacrificial lamb.

Those of us representing Gideon's army were given specific timing instructions and red bandannas to wear. Around sundown, the 300 of us marched towards the platform with our shofars raised. It was a very memorable moment that my son and I will never forget. At the appropriate time we all trumpeted our shofars together, and everyone else in the stadium shouted loudly to the Lord. My ears were ringing it was so loud! I believe it was a release of praise in the spirit that does warfare similar to the armies of Gideon and Jehoshaphat in the Bible. This sounding of the trumpets caused confusion in the enemy's camp where the Lord won battles without even firing a shot! The 7th book in the bible, Judges 7:7 says: "Then the Lord said to Gideon, "By the 300 men who lapped I will save you, and deliver the Midianites into your hand. Let all the other people go, every man to his place."

The battle lines were obvious, such as the sins of abortion (Molech), witchcraft (drugs), and sexual perversion (Moab). The Lord uses this type of spiritual warfare and intercession to win these battles over such evil principalities. How this happens may only be seen from the perspective of eternity, but I believe a change has taken place in the heavenlies that will soon manifest on the earth. God is marching forward, where idols and sin will not be tolerated in His camp. This picture from The Call shows tens of thousands of young adults standing silently before the Lord in intercession for the unborn. The word "LIFE" was written on stickers and given to all who would intercede for this cause. Adoption was promoted as an alternative to abortion and booths were set up in the stadium to minister forgiveness to those who have had abortions.

The Call in Nashville happened exactly 40 years after the rebellion of the 1967 "hippie movement" where tens of thousands of young adults went to San Francisco for the "summer of love." It was even discovered that the Beatles "All you need is love" song hit the charts as the number one song exactly 40 years ago to the day on 07-07-67. One lady who repented for premarital sex on stage said that it was on 07-07-67 when she lost her virginity during the misguided "sexual revolution" days. This, in many ways, represents the failures of the church at large to keep faithful to the Lord Jesus as our husband. But thanks to God there is forgiveness in Jesus when we repent and His blood is appropriated! Starting the day after Pentecost on May 28th 2007, there was a call to fast for 40 days before this event in Nashville, and many people did some type of fasting during these 40 days. Also, tens of thousands participated in a prayer walk on 07/07/07 that marched from a local park into the Titan's stadium. Pictured here, is part of The Call crowd that marched early in the morning for 2.7 miles on a peaceful prayer walk. They crossed over I-40 (40 being the number of testing) while walking down Church Street in Nashville Tennessee to enter into worship at LP stadium and begin this history-changing intercession event. God is indeed "crossing over" many of His people at this critical time period into His Bride Body.

The entire day from dawn until dusk was spent worshiping, praying, repenting, and appealing to the Great "Judge of all men" for His mercy on His people. I believe now, after 40 years of trials and testings, God is allowing His Bride Body to enter into His promise of rest! (Heb. 4) Several people at this gathering emphasized the positive generational landmark where we find ourselves. It was 40 years ago in the summer of 1967 when Israel retook Jerusalem during the six-day war. Today, 40 years later, the destiny of the true church is now shifting to combine with the destiny of the nation of Israel as we transition into the Kingdom Age. There were many prayers offered at this gathering for the peace of Jerusalem. Chapter 22 in this book will explain more about the "one new man" that Christ is now forming with both Jew and Gentile (Eph. 2:15).

The 300 men blowing shofars at this gathering is what can be compared to the "shot heard around the world" that started the Revolutionary War in America. This shot was not random, but was the result of years of built up tensions. Likewise, the spiritual tension between the kingdom of darkness and the kingdom of God has reached a breaking point, and a spiritual revolution is beginning. The main purpose for this Nashville gathering was to pray that God would bring revival and revolution to America and the nations.

Miles Albright, who was the organizer for the Gideon's 300 men who blew shofars at this event, sent out an email which said: "Bob Jones prophesied while in Houston, Texas in 1993 that the Houston Oilers would move to Nashville & build God a stadium in which would be fired "the shot heard 'round the world." Bob Jones told me on September 30th, (the 273rd day of this year), that the sounding of the shofars on 07-07-07 was that "shot!""33