Newsletter #39 An American Jubilee
Sons To Glory Newsletter #39
Day of Atonement - September 28, 2020


An American Jubilee

by Paul Jablonowski

September 28, 2020

I love America because it is the land of Jubilee! Freedom means different things to different people, but the liberty and freedom of America is best described by the Biblical word "Jubilee."

"Liberty" to the ancient Roman meant freedom from oppression as long as you obeyed their rules. "Freedom" to a slave meant that you could freely travel where and when you wanted. But true "Jubilee" is both a spiritual and a financial freedom that surpasses any liberty or freedom in any other nation on the globe. Am I just biased?

Perhaps I am biased as a 3rd generation American whose ancestors came from Poland and Germany, but to recognize true freedom is not a national thing, it is a human nature thing built into us. America's Constitution guarantees that these freedom rights are granted to us by our Creator and not by human governments. Therefore, governments can NOT offer or take away this liberty that every human has ingrained in them at birth.

The greatest thing about our government, among other governments of the world, is that we recognize God as the giver of life, liberty, and rights. Therefore, the only job of America's government is to "secure" those rights given to us by God. We are a constitutional republic (not a democracy), which has given more freedoms than any other government. But we have fallen from that original standard. Can we recover?

America is one of only about 26 superpower nations in the past 5,000 years of history. These previous empires lasted only an average of 238 years. Just to name a few: Assyria (859-612 BC or 247 years), Persia (538-330 BC or 208 years), Roman Republic (260-27 BC or 233 years), Roman Empire (27 BC - 180 AD or 207 years), Arab (634-880 AD or 246 years), Ottoman (1320-1570 AD or 250 years), and Russian (1682-1916 or 234 years).

The dates above are from civilization expert Fred Markert(1) who also mentions that all of these dominant empires have gone through the same six stages in their civilization. These stages or ages are included here with an approximate start date of what I believe to be America's ages: 1) Age of Pioneers (1776), 2) Age of Conquest (1918), 3) Age of Commerce (1941), 4) Age of Affluence (1952), 5) Age of Intellectualism (1963), 6) Age of Decadence (1996).

If this is true, then America passed the average time of a preeminent superpower in 2014, and many believe that there is nothing that can be done. However, what is different about America?

The nation of Israel under kings David and Solomon acknowledged God in their "constitution" yet they still fell. What can America do to buck the trend of failing as a superpower even though we are at the end of the average time of a predominant culture? I believe the answer lies in in the single word JUBILEE.

The Jubilee in the Bible was when ALL debts were forgiven and people's land was restored to them. It was not based on any merit but rather completely on mercy and forgiveness. Leviticus 25:10 says, "The 50th year shall be set apart to proclaim freedom throughout all the land to all its inhabitants. It shall be a Jubilee for you; and each of you shall return to his possession, and return to his family."

The Jubilee was supposed to happen every 50 years so that debts would not accumulate beyond reason. There is no record of this ever happening on a national scale, which is why I believe no major culture has ever been able to extend beyond the age of decadence. Can America be the first to do Jubilee?

America has 50 stars in her flag, which is the number of Jubilee. I pray this is a divine sign that America will be the first nation to Jubilee!

This is why America is worth fighting over. This is why I love being an American with the opportunity to finally be the nation that declares Jubilee throughout the land. The next step in "cultural warfare" is the dreaded economic collapse which is coming as sure as the sun rises. BUT, America can rise above it, and be the first nation to implement Jubilee.

(1) Historian Strategist Fred Markert --

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