Newsletter #6 Baptism into the Father's Love
Sons To Glory Newsletter #6
Hannukkah - December 24, 2016


Baptism into the Father's Love

by Paul Jablonowski

December 24, 2016

Happy Chanukah friends!

Hanukkah is NOT one of the seven major feasts that God gave to Moses, but it is one that Jesus celebrated as recorded in the gospel of John 10:22. It is also called the Feast of Dedication because it remembers the dedication of the foundation of the second temple. Haggai 2:10-23 mentions this date of the 24th day of the 9th Hebrew month THREE different times saying to: "Consider from this day forward... I will bless you!" So it is an important date to be honoring and watching, because I believe this day will have prophetic implications in the years to come as God builds the third temple of the Bride of Christ in the earth in our generation.

One truth that the Bride of Christ must know is the baptism into the Father's Love!

The word baptism means a submersion into something. When people in Jesus' time would follow a rabbi they would be "baptized" into their teaching and hence become one of their disciples. So, the Hebraic baptism was a way to identify with someone or something. The Hebrew word for baptism is "mikvah" and is an immersion into water which was usually a river or a public pool. The Bible talks about several types of baptisms such as: the baptism of repentence, the baptism in water, the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the baptism in Fire just to name a few. In each case, the person is immersed into the substanace for identification with it. In this case, we are identifying with the Father's Love. Hence the term "baptized into the Father's Love."

Pictured here is a Heart Wave painting that the Father used as a sign for me personally of when He began to baptize me into His LOVE. Also, the timing that this Heart Wave painting came to me was very instrumental and prophetic of how the Father broke the 2016 drought here in Alabama and in the Southeastern USA. This drought had been ongoing for most of the year and was reaching really bad levels in many areas with water restrictions and burn bans in much of the southeast. The wild fires in the southeast, as a result of this drought, were making national news with many people having to evacuate their homes like in Gatlinburg, TN where several people were killed from the fires.

The painter of this Heart Wave artwork, Katie Becker, mailed me a canvas print of this painting which arrived (Nov 28th 2016) on the very day we finally had a solid rain (of about an inch) for the first time in many months. The next day, when I hung this painting up in my room, it rained over 3 and ½ inches which officially broke the drought and the burn-ban was lifted in north Alabama. Later that same week, Katie contacted me and it was raining hard outside for the third time in one week. During this drought-breaking-week the author of the painting contacted me three different times and each time it was raining outside.

During one of those phone calls, I told Katie how I just happened to be reading Ian Clayton's book "Realms of the Kingdom" about the "Baptism into the Father's Love" and her painting seemed to fit exactly what I was reading. Katie then told me that she too had been reading this same book during the season when she was painting this Heart Wave artwork 2 years earlier! The connection we both felt with her painting, the "River of Glory" in Ian's book, and the breaking of this drought was awesome! It seemed like our connections with the Father were opening up the heavens for RAIN.

Ian Clayton writes: "There is coming a day when those everlasting doors of Psalm 24:7 are going to stand up again. When those doors open there is going to come a rending in the Heavens and all that which has been stored up is going to be poured out as RAIN upon the earth. It has been stored up for the last five or six thousand years for you and me today. This is what the Bible talks about, that in our day God is going to give us the rivers and the rain from the Heavens (Ezekiel 34:26, Joel 2:23, Zechariah 10:1). The rain is going to come out of the Heavens, it is going to hit the earth and it is going to change the nature of the earth again… God is calling each one of us to immerse ourselves by faith in the River and the stream of life, to identify ourselves with Him as our Father... The Baptism into the Father is to identify with the nature and character of the Father."(1)

Zech 10:1 - "Ask the LORD for rain in the time of the latter rain. The LORD will make flashing clouds; He will give them showers of rain."

"So let us know, so let us press on to know the LORD. His coming forth is as certain as the dawn, and he will come to us like the rain, like the spring and fall rains watering the earth." - Hosea 6:3

This outpouring of the Holy Spirit will prepare people for the baptism into the Father. Many understand being baptized into Jesus, and some understand the baptism into the Holy Spirit, but few are able to see that there is also a baptism into the Father. This baptism into the Father will complete the identification with the trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. These three main baptisms parallel the three main interventions of God in the earth. The first was the Holy Spirit with Moses (1 Cor. 10:1-2) who followed the children of Israel as a cloud pillar by day and pillar of fire by night. The second was the coming of the Son Jesus Christ, and the third main baptism awaits us in our generation as the Father manifests His Kingdom through His Bride. They also parallel the three main feasts of the LORD as shown in this chart below:

This chart above was created in 1999 from my Covenant of Peace writing which explains in detail how this new age that we are entering into will be the perfect balance of both truth and grace in a kingdom age of peace. Notice how the global fulfillment of the Feast of Tabernacles is the manifestation and baptism of the Father. We identify with the Father through this baptism.

Although this newsletter is entitled "Baptism into the Father's Love," His love is only one side of the coin. The other side of the coin is the justice and righteousness of the Father. We must understand and be baptized into both His justice and His love. Justice and righteousness are the foundation of His throne and the Father surrounds Himself with clouds and thick darkness as a veil. So not all darkness is demonic, since the Father uses it to veil His glory. It is the Spirit of the Fear of the LORD (Isa. 11:2), who trains us and teaches us to endure His trials and testings as good.

"The LORD said He would dwell in the dark cloud." - 1 Kings 8:12, and "Clouds and darkness surround Him, Righteousness and JUSTICE are the foundation of His throne" - Psalms 97:2, and "the LORD spoke to all your assembly, in the mountain from the midst of the FIRE, the cloud, and the thick darkness." - Deuteronomy 5:22

So, the darkness and fire is associated with His justice and we must go through it in order to see the Father. Moses pressed through this dark cloud on Mt. Siani and saw the face of the Father. We also can press through to see the face of the Father and be baptized into Him. But we must allow this thick darkness (justice) to deal with our self righteousness and sin justification beforehand. This is a process and does not happen overnight, but if our first love and true desire is to know HIM, like Moses, then we CAN see His face and be His friend.

"Yahweh spoke to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend" (Exodus 33:11). And not only Moses, but Aaron and the 70 elders of Israel at that time, "saw the God of Israel" (Exodus 24:10). Jacob saw God and called the place Peniel, "For I have seen God face to face (peniel in Hebrew), and my life is preserved" (Genesis 32:30). Isaiah "saw the Lord" (Isaiah 6:1), and so can we thanks to Jesus raising us up to sit with Him in heavenly places! (Ephesians 2:6)

Ian Clayton is a man alive today who has pressed through to see the face of the Father. It is one of the most tremendous testimonies I have ever heard, which can be read in chapter 10 of his book. Ian said that when he finally pressed through the cloud of darkness, he literally wet his pants because of the terror and horror and absolute awareness of his sin nature. But on the other side of that thick darkness was the tender heart of our Father God who with tears dripping said, "It has been a long time since anyone has been here, son."(2)

My one desire is to press through the fire of the Father to see Him and touch Him! There are many good things begging for my time, but I am making this committment now as my first priority. Whatever it takes to burn away the flesh and selfishness in my sinful nature, I am willing to endure so help me Holy Spirit!

I want to know you Abba Father! I want to be baptized in Your River of endless Love!

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