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TIME and the Bible's Number Code - An Exciting Confirmation of God's Time-Line for Man!

Bonnie Gaunt has been researching God's time-line for man for most of her lifetime. But this book is not a dry treatise on chronology. It is an exciting display of the magnificent planning of the Great Mathematician who designed our Universe and lovingly made a home for the man that He created - our Earth. The patterns of the Number Code and the patterns of time tell a beautiful story, and confirm our place, today, in His plan. The long-awaited return of Jesus, and the establishing of His Kingdom of peace and righteousness in the Earth becomes apparent in the patterns of time and number that He has hidden in His Word. We live in a marvelous day - the day that the prophets of old desired to see. Confirming the time by the Number Code and the beautiful Golden Proportion is the exciting theme of this book. It will lift the reader to new heights of awareness.

The author, Bonnie Gaunt, has been researching the Bible's Number Code (Gematria) for more than forty years. She has written and published more on the Bible's Number Code than any modern author. She has appeared as a guest of Pat Robertson on the 700 Club, as well as on many television documentaries and radio interviews. Her work has received worldwide acclaim.

200 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-97-6

The Great Prophetic Design ... found in Africa

Deep in the heart of Africa hides a magnificent secret. Yet it is so huge, and so obvious - once it is seen - we wonder why it had never before been found.

Author, Bonnie Gaunt, in two previous books has shown the amazing design of the Great Rift Valley with its two rivers, the Nile and the Jordan - a design which tells the story of redemption and salvation. Now she, and a colleague, James Heyworth, have discovered the magnificent relationship of the Great Rift Valley Crescent to the snow-covered peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa. It holds evidence that indeed the continent of Africa has been designed by the Creator to tell the story of His great Millennial Kingdom on Earth. It is powerful confirming evidence that the future of Planet Earth has been planned from the beginning.

146 pages; ISBN# 978-1-931882-97-2

NILE - The Promise Written in Sand

The Nile has carved its winding path through the deserts of Africa, bringing life to a barren land, and hope to a barren world. The mystery of the Nile and its source has been sought since ancient times. Evidence is now found, linking the Nile to the ancient texts of the Bible and its amazing number code. This longest river of the world has been found to reveal a timeline involving man and his Creator. Its magnificent Delta opens the door into Earth's Great Millennium, upon which we are now entering.

In this book, author Bonnie Gaunt, reveals the awesome relationships of the Bible's numbers to the history and future of man found hidden in the amazing geography of the Nile.

196 pages; ISBN# 1-931882-41-X

JORDAN - The Promise Fulfilled

The Jordan, the most well-loved river in the Christian world reveals its secrets! Its pure sparkling water, descending from the snows of Mount Hermon, plunge into the Great Rift Valley and down into the lowest place on the face of the earth. It is the story of man's descent into death. But the river holds a promise - a God-given promise of life - revealed through its topography, geometry, and gematria. The amazing number code of the Bible is intricately interwoven into the sacred geography of the river and the sacred geometry of our planet, revealing a plan formed from the foundation of the world. The river becomes a magnificent confirmation of the Bible's story of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

200 pages; ISBN# 1-931882-59-2

Genesis One - The Sacred Code

This book reveals the exciting new discoveries of the Bible's hidden numbers that will transport you from our foundations in creation into the magnificent future that has been planned for man on planet earth. The amazing relationship of the book of Revelation to the first chapter of Genesis reveals a magnificent plan that was ordered from the beginning, and has progressed precisely on schedule through a circle of seven thousand years. The future of man has its roots in Genesis One.

This is author Bonnie Gaunt's twelfth book in which she reveals the awesome relationships of the Bible's numbers to the history and future of man.

198 pages; ISBN# 1-931882-16-9

The Bible's Awesome Number Code!

The Number Code is not new. It was, however, largely lost sight of during the intervening centuries since the early church. In recent years the study of this ancient science, called Gematria, has proven to be an exciting aid to the study of the Bible. It gives evidence of the authenticity of the Creator, showing the awesome harmony between His Word and his works, and helps us to understand where we are on God's time-clock of the ages. We stand today on the threshold of the great Third day which will usher in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. This book is an exciting journey through that evidence.

220 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-83-6

The Coming of Jesus - The REAL Message of the Bible Codes!

The Codes of the Bible reveal a story that takes us on a magnificent journey through time, and into the amazing realities of today's world. This exciting message, found in the Codes, tells of the Coming of Jesus, first as a babe of Bethlehem, and then of His glorious Second Coming and Earth's Great Millennium. It is exciting to find, encoded into the end-time prophecies, evidence of a timeline for their fulfillment. Much has been written today about end-time prophecies. This is NOT a repeat of those excellent works. The Codes reveal exciting evidence that has never before been published regarding the Second Coming of Jesus and the New Millennium!

220 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-70-4

Apocalypse ...and the Magnificent Sevens

This is a fresh and exciting look at the book of Revelation. It is made surprisingly simple with the aid of sacred geometry and the ancient science of Gematria (The Bible's Number Code). Bonnie Gaunt has been researching the Gematria of the Bible for over forty years. Her work has received worldwide acclaim. In this, her latest research, she reveals an amazing story that is hidden in the Apocalypse. It is a story that touches the lives of every one of us, because we are living in it. But Apocalypse need not be the picture of doom that some have supposed. It is a beautiful story of hope for a world that surely needs it.

Today with the threat of terrorists and the tragic loss of human life they have wrought, it is comforting to find positive assurance in the prophetic message that has been given to us - assurance that our world is in safe hands, and under the control of a God who has a magnificent plan for the ultimate joy of His human family.

197 pages; ISBN# 1-931882-03-7

Jesus Christ the Number of His Name - The Amazing Number Code Found in the Bible

Sir Isaac Newton searched more than half a lifetime for the secret code that he suspected was in the original texts of the Old and New Testaments. He died without ever finding it. That sacred code now reveals the story of Jesus Christ - His part in the work of creation; His coming as a babe of Bethlehem; and his glorious second coming as the promised King on David's Throne. The exciting message that was encoded into the original text tells the time of His coming and of Earth's Great Millennium! Today, we are living in the time that was prophesied.

This book takes us on an exciting journey into the secrets of that code and its astounding message!

197 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-60-7

BEGINNINGS - the Sacred Design

Mathematician and theologist Bonnie Gaunt's fascinating study on the Sacred Geometry of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Extending John Michell's initial work on the Golden Proportions and astonishing correlations in ancient geometric design, this book covers the following topics: the amazing number 144 and the numbers in the design of the New Jerusalem; the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and Solomon's Temple display a common design that reveals the work of a Master Designer; the amazing location of Bethlehem; how the process of photosynthesis reveals the sacred design while transforming light into organic substance; how the Bible's number code (gematria) reveals a sacred design; and more.

"Most of us have an inherent fascination for, and curiosity about, beginnings. What and when were the origins of man, our Earth, our Solar System, our Universe? This book is a search into those beginnings - a search from a different perspective - one that will take you on a journey you'll never forget. The search reveals a beautiful design, interwoven into all creation - a design of which we are a part." Bonnie Gaunt

207 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-78-X

The Stones and the Scarlet Thread - New evidence from the Bible's Number Code, Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid!

Bonnie Gaunt's latest research confirms the authenticity of the Bible's Number Code (Gematria). New evidence has been found linking its amazing pattern of numbers and its time prophecies with the sacred geometry of ancient stone structures such as Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid, and it brings to light conclusive evidence of a Master Plan that has been in progress from the beginning. Through Gematria, the story of the scarlet thread is found woven through the history and future of man. This exciting book will open new vistas of understanding into the marvelous works of the Master Designer.

219 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-87-9

Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid - Window on the Universe

Mathematician and theologist Bonnie Gaunt's fascinating study on the Sacred Geometry of Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid. Bonnie shows evidence that Stonehenge and the Great Pyramid are not only modern man's tangible link with antiquity; they are, in fact, a window through which we can search the secrets of the universe and the origins of creation. Through sacred geometry and the ancient science of Gematria remarkable link has been found between these two ancient structures and the Bible.

This is a fascinating study of the geometry encoded into these amazing structures, including the prophetic meanings of the Pyramid's inner passage and chamber system. Today, interest is high in the ancient builders who constructed these amazing wonders. What was their purpose? Some surprising answers can be found in the sacred geometry, linking these structures with the Bible, our Solar System, and the future of man.

171 pages; ISBN# 0-932813-16-X

The Magnificent Numbers of the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge

On the rocky plateau of Gizeh, fifteen miles from Cairo, stands the world's most amazing wonder - the Great Pyramid. It stands silent and serene against the Egyptian sky, yet its very presence is a bold defiance against time, a sacred memorial to the intelligence of its builders and their knowledge of time, space, and the universe. Each new generation of man has marveled at this magnificent monument. This ancient wonder has become a modern mystery. The amazing correlation of its geometry with ancient Stonehenge and with the earth, sun and moon gives us an insight into its purpose and its builder. The story that it tells touches us with wonder, and fills us with a profound respect for its architect.

201 pages; ISBN# 0-9602688-1-2

The Stones Cry Out

Stones have been the most permanent and time-enduring objects used by man to record his existence on this planet. Ancient structures such as the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge have endured through more than 4,000 years, hiding their secrets of ancient wisdom. Those stones now cry out to be heard. Their message reveals an insight into the awesome and majestic laws of the universe, and an intimate knowledge of the Creator.


Stonehenge... a closer look

In all the ages since its construction men have built nothing comparable to Stonehenge. Like the Great Pyramid in Gizeh, the solution s to the mystery that surrounds its construction, its architect and its purpose have been sincerely sought by scientists, theologians, archaeologists and historians. Now Stonehenge begins to give up its secrets. The story that it tells not only takes us through 4,000 years of man's history, but far beyond, into the timeless forces of the universe, and into the future of man on this planet. The story of Stonehenge touches the lives of every one of us.