Henry Gruver's vision of the Camp of the Lord in 1969


Vision: The Camp of the Lord

by Henry Gruver

Received in August of 1969



“When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child….”
Corinthians 13:11 (KJV)

In this vision, it was a moonlit night. An angel, who was slowly moving through the heavens, was carrying me while I was looking down upon the earth. The angel cradled me in his left arm and was using his right hand to point out those things he was commissioned to show me. I could not see him, since he was above me; but I could feel him holding me.

We came over the crest of a promontory into some hill country. I found myself looking out ahead as far as I could, trying to get a preview of what was coming up next. As we passed the brow of the first hill, I began to hear the rattling of cans and the laughter and playfulness of children. My senses became alarmed. The first sign of life I was encountering seemed to be some sort of playful activity. I began to wonder what was going on.

As I continued looking ahead, trying to see, little blotches of color became visible down in the valley. They turned out to be tents—some stood alone, and others, in little clusters. They were not in any definite order; the people seemed to have put them up wherever they chose, as a camper might pitch his tent under a tree or on the banks of a river.

As I looked out over these tents, which were scattered every which way across the valley, I could see bonfires burning in the midst of each of the little clusters of tents. These fires were of varying sizes. Some were small, while some roared way up in the air, as the people kept fueling them. There were different activities going on around each of the fires.

I was surprised to discover that all of the people in this valley were adults, because they were playing like children. One group seemed to be playing “Kick the Can.” In another area, I could see, by the light of their fire, a mound was nearby, and those people were playing “King of the Hill.” They kept knocking one another off that mound, until the one who could resist all the rest became the “King.” They used brute force in that camp, in their battle so to speak, for “top dog” position.

When I looked at still another group, I thought, My goodness, look at that one! Their bonfire was not huge, but it had a good strong flame. In this camp, everyone had a stick, and was putting the ends of their sticks in the fire. When they got them burning, they would wave these flaming sticks around in the air, making all kinds of designs and smoke trails, similar to what a child might do with a sparkler on the Fourth of July.

All the activities in these various camps reminded me of games that I had played as a child. While I watched all this, I thought, I did all those things as a child. So, why are these adults acting like children? The moment that thought came to me, a Voice spoke from above me. It was not the angel’s voice; I knew His voice, because He would speak softly to me from time to time as we traveled. This Voice was deeper and more authoritative, and it said, “This is not My camp. Move on.”

This was in 1969. It was right around the time when the Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship and the Charismatic Movement were just beginning. At the same time, there was a new wave of immorality sweeping the nation and the world. It was a time of, I’m okay; you’re okay;” “Everything is beautiful;” “Tune in, turn on, drop out;” and so on. It was the beginning of a “new era” in which everybody was going to be free to do whatever was right in their own eyes.

In any event, we moved on, as the Voice had told us to do. I continued watching these adults who were playing like kids, as the angel carried me on toward the crest of another hill.

As we got closer to the brow of that hill, the sounds of playful children faded away, and I began to hear different sounds coming from the other side of the hill. My attention and my gaze focused on what was happening in this next valley. While I strained to see over the crest of the hill, I wondered, What is going on there? I remember glancing up over my left arm and seeing the moon in the heavens. It was a full moon, or nearly so, and I remember thinking, I do not see any stars, but that moon certainly is bright! When I looked down, I could see the terrain below very well by the light of that moon.



“...but when I became a man, I put away childish things.”
I Corinthians 13: 11

As the new sounds grew louder, they drew my attention back again to the crest of the approaching hill. Finally, we crested that hill, and I could look down into the next valley. All over this valley, too, there were tents; but these were not arranged haphazardly, as in the previous valley. These people had not put their tents anywhere they pleased. They were in formation, and there was order in this valley. The people had all gathered in their separate encampments and were having meetings. Different individuals were ministering to them and admonishing them.

These people were conducting themselves more like adults. It was that way throughout the entire valley; but each group kept to themselves, sticking to their own little camp. I later realized that camp must have represented sectarianism and denominationalism—things that were prevalent back in the 60’s, and even more so, in the 70’s, when "discipleship” came into popularity. Everybody kept quite strictly to the confines of their own particular order.

We stopped briefly to look at this. I noticed that as the admonishments were going on, and the commands were being given in the various camps, some individuals began to look heavenward. They looked as if they had caught a heavenly vision; and they got up and walked right out of their camps.

Each one had a little ‘hobo knapsack” over his shoulder—a small bundle tied up in a red handkerchief attached to a stick— "Huck Finn” style. It was the only thing each one took with them. They just walked right out of those camps with their eyes fixed on still another hill in the distance. Away they went, with these sticks over their shoulders, heading off to climb that next hill. We began following those adults with their knapsacks. This time, the Voice from above did not say this was not His camp. He simply said, "It is time to move on.”

I remember thinking, “This is interesting. Where are those people going?” They seemed totally enthralled and their whole being was completely absorbed with getting over that hill and into that next valley. As the angel and I moved on—ever so slowly, it seemed to me.—I continued watching these people. When they reached the crest of the hill, they would suddenly stop dead in their tracks for a moment, before disappearing over the horizon. Whatever they were seeing down in that next valley caused them to pause, take the little knapsack off their shoulder, and lay it down. They did not even look at it again, or seem to take any thought at all of what they were doing. They would just lay it aside, and begin walking down into that valley with what they were, not with what they had.

As I watched them, a great, burning desire came into my heart for the Lord to hurry! I wanted to be a part of whatever they were experiencing. I knew something wonderful was happening in that third valley, as I thought, “What could it be?”


“Therefore, My people shall know in that Day that I AM He that doth speak…”
Isaiah 52:6 (KJV)

When we came to the crest of the hill, where I could look down into that valley, I saw more tents, neatly arranged in four groups. Together these four groups of tents formed a large square encampment. The four groups were set up in each of the four corners of this camp—one each toward the north, south, east and west. The people who were coming into this valley would go down and join with those in one of the four groupings of tents.

In each of the four corners of the encampment, I saw people marching in order. They had on their armor, and they were marching to the commands of officers. They formed a beautiful and well-ordered army. The officers gave the commands, "Right face! Left face! About face!” With each command, the ranks of soldiers instantly complied. It was a beautiful thing to behold, because they were marching in such perfect formation, and with such crisp precision. They did not break their ranks, or get out of step. They remained in the four corners of the camp.

As I watched them march, I thought, “Wow, I want to be a part of that!” Then I noticed something else. I had not seen this at first, but in the center of this large square or diamond-shaped encampment, there was another army marching. There were no tents, however, in this inner area, and I believe the area had been empty when I had first beheld the valley. In other words, the group of people who marched in that ‘inner sanctum” must have come there at some point after the four groups of armies in the four corners began marching.

This “inner sanctum” army was even more beautiful than the armies in the four corners. The countenances of the soldiers in this army were lit up, and they were beautiful marchers. As I watched them, my heart burned with envy. I heard no voice commanding them. I realized that they had no commanding officer. It was as though God had turned down the volume on the voices of those in the four corners, so I could hear the SILENCE that was emanating from that inner sanctum army. I said, “Lord, they have no commander! How do they know when to go ‘right face,’ ‘left face,’ ‘about face,’ and so forth?”

The Lord said, “They have learned to know My voice, and they march only at My bidding. Notice, that there are no leaders in that group except those who are in the forefront. Then there may be an ‘about face,’ and those who have been leading will become followers. When it is ‘right face,’ the ones on the right will become the leaders; when it is ‘about face,’ again, those who were on the left will become leaders.”

As all these armies were marching, those out on the four corners would occasionally come into close proximity to the marchers in the inner sanctum. Whenever that happened, a radiance would go out from the army in the middle, into the armies in the four corners; it seemed to set them on fire. As this continued to happen, the radiance began to affect some of those in the perimeter armies, and they would break off from their units and join with the inner sanctum army.

I watched, in amazement, as they seemed to blend right in. They did not go back and forth looking for positions in that inner square—there was none of that. Whenever the corner marchers would touch those in the inner square, some of them would simply flow right in. They slipped right into their places so beautifully and effortlessly, that there seemed to be no transition. I could not tell when it was about to happen, and I could not tell when it happened. It just happened.

Looking back on the vision, I especially recall the glow on the faces of the soldiers in the inner sanctum army. It was clearly visible on their faces, although it was nighttime. However, I know that I could not see this glow emanating from the inner sanctum marchers until I had first observed the formation and order of the four outer armies. I realized that all of those in the four marching groups must have come from the second valley. I do not recall seeing any of those who had been playing like children in that first valley ever go over into the second valley.

In addition, those who marched in the four perimeter armies seemed to be unaware of the presence of those marching in the inner sanctum. They did not cast longing or envious glances toward those in the center, for they were busy coming into a discipline. They were learning to keep their eyes and hearts totally fixed on the Lord, by giving instant obedience to the orders of their commanding officers. In other words, they were obeying the Supreme Commander—the Lord—by obeying His human vessels, who were inspired by His Spirit. It was actually a perfect demonstration of the way the fivefold ministry of Ephesians 4:11 should operate in the church, “for the perfecting of the saints”—something that has rarely been exhibited in any consistent fashion in the church.

These outer armies did not render obedience unto their officers because they held them in high esteem, as was the case with those in the second valley. They were not comparing themselves to one another. They were giving their obedience as unto the Lord. They responded to every command as if it were the Lord Himself giving it. Their hearts were totally focused on the Lord; they were consumed with a hunger and a desire to please Him.

As for the inner army, the glow on their countenances came from within them, and it shone outwardly. I believe they may not even have known the day or the hour when they became a part of that final army. I believe that is the way it will be for those who actually do become a part of the Lord’s final, endtime army. One day, they will look back and say to themselves, “When did I start this? I have not been able to do anything unless I see my Father do it, or hear my Father’s voice telling me to do it.”

“That He [Christ] might present it [the Church] to Himself, a 'glorious church,’ not having spot, or wrinkle, or any such thing; but that it should be holy and without blemish.” Ephesians 5:27 (KJV); editor’s inserts.

I believe that will be the ‘glorious church’ without spot or wrinkle. This is the Bride, adorned and beautiful, waiting for the Bridegroom. She is spoken for and betrothed. Even in these days, before the marriage is consummated, she does not want to be away from His presence, even for a moment. She will know when that consummation takes place. Then she and her Bridegroom will genuinely become joined together as one; they will be bone and flesh of one another.

Presently, I do not believe there is anyone in that inner group, but I do believe there are many marching in the four corners. I believe the Lord has spoken this to me, This is the season to just keep marching. Keep your eyes on Me. Let it be the burning desire of your heart to see Me, and to worship Me every minute that you are able. Look to Me for every instruction; listen to Me for confirmation. Look into My Word to see what is there, and long to be one with Me. If you are doing that, then one of these days, you will simply shift into that next realm.

Those in the second valley will not come over into the third until they have allowed the Lord to give them a revelation of how exceedingly grievous sin is to Him. They will not enter the Holy of holies in that second valley. They may sing songs about it; and may have seasons when they feel so close to the Lord they are sure it is going to happen. However, the leaders will eventually cut if off and change the order.

This type of leader is not leading his people to look toward the Lord. These leaders are not teaching their people to want the Lord to be everything to them. They are still protecting their own turf, their job security. It will not happen until they come out of that second valley and go into the third.

The issue is obedience. As far as I am concerned, that is what the inner circle is all about. I believe that when you are marching under commanders and receiving their nurture and admonition directly from the Lord, it is developing you. It is turning your face and your desires heavenward, to that place where you will be completely consumed with love for the Lord. Doing His good pleasure will become the goal of your life, no matter what it costs you physically or socially. Your obedience to the Lord will become Number One. I believe that is happening right now; and the Lord is getting ready to shift many people into that inner circle. Once it starts, that circle will be quickly filled.